Vignerons de Guîtres – V.D.G.

offers consumers – AMATEURS or connoisseurs – a large variety of still and sparkling wines, in three categories: Vins de marque or Vins de châteaux, grands crus.
Each of these wines is created with utmost care to offer a unique experience for the taster.

VDG end-to-end production facility includes a chai with stainless steel vats fermenting room, a production space containing modern bottling lines for still and sparkling wines, a STORAGE area, as well as loading/unloading docks.

Everything is monitored closely, from the entry of the bulk products to the processing and packaging, until the shipment. This ensures the same standard of quality for each one of the millions of bottles produced every year.

A frontline team

Skillful and ingenious Assemblies

From the wine to the bottle, everything is carefully thought and considered. The wine first selection, the tastings and analyses, the assembly, each step is done under the supervision of our oenologist.

Each wine has its identity, its character and image. This is the result of a wine fusion with one aim, getting the best from it. Tasting is one of the most essential steps, as all the flavors are to be transcended.

Always sublimizing the wines.

A supervision at each step

Each selected lot is traced, from its bulk-state to its sale, passing through the bottling and capping. Each step of the production is closely controlled and monitored.

In perpetual effervescence, we conceive new bottles to enhance what is in it… Always being innovative… yet also responding to more classic demands.
Designs are crafted in the most meticulous way, on site, in order to answer in the most accurate manner to the desires of the client.


Respecting our environment

Everything was implemented in respect of our environment.

Vignerons de Guîtres is a member of the first Bordeaux Wine association with EMS certified ISO 14001, which acknowledges our environmental concerns within our activity, and our willingness to control the impacts on the environment.
This certification is the testimony that we highly take into consideration issues such as pollution, climate change, as well as the preservation of our natural resources.