Once upon a time…

An old and traditional wine trading company rejuvenated into a Young and dynamic wine making Company;

VIGNERONS DE GUÎTRES is a new generation wine house which succeeded in joining the innovation in wine assembly to the tradition of Excellence in Saint Emilion region.
Continuously evolving and consolidating its position in the French national market, yet, it finds its dynamic drive in emerging export markets.
The house developed an expertise in wine creation, in the respect of the authentic values of wine. The result is unmatchable savoir-faire that has been passed on from one generation to the other.

Our company operates in 3 distinct commercial fields, all united under the same quality strategy; with a strong commitment to excellence.

Vins de marques, Vins de châteaux and Grands Crus.

It is the story of an encounter between a man and a land…

Dynamism & Creativity

In 2003, MARWAN HARB decided to revive the ancestral work carried by a family of wine-growers, and took over Vignerons de Guîtres. Since than, VDG became an innovative and dynamic “Maison”, proud of its origins but headed towards the future : Its motto: “Reinventing our regions” wines and offering gems”. Marwan’s philosophy is to transmit a new and modern image of Bordeaux wines, away from The Classicism Bordelais, but without betraying its origins and in respect of its culture and History.

a modern vision

Being demanding, always present, and an active actor in the national and international markets, Marwan and his teams thrive for new challenges. These are the keys of VDG’s success, that strengthened year-on-year and promising for the future.

He uses his energy to conferring value to the product while adapting it to the tastes and requirements of clients, whether amateurs or connoisseurs. The rise of VDG was so considerable that the walls of the first Chai became too tight to withstand its development.

In 2013, a new production site was built in ARTIGUES-DE-LUSSAC.

Present in more than 30 countries in the world, the wines are rigorously picked, tasted and assembled to conceive wines with harmonious flavors.

Each wine has its distinctive feature and packaging, always putting forward its own character.

Equipped with cutting-edge bottling plants for still and sparkling wines, VIGNERONS DE GUÎTRES’ ranges of products answers to a wide demand. It tailors its products instantaneously to each request, while respecting these noble products as well as the specific constraints of each country.

A custom-made work achieved by a dynamic and committed team.

The strength of this Wine House resides in the mastering of each step, from product conception to its delivery on your table.

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